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Archives for July 2014


The Aston Martin Lagonda – Reborn

There's a buzz in the pitt lanes, there's a buzz in the bars and there's a buzz on the streets - Aston Martin has announced it will resurrect the legendary Lagonda badge for a limited run super saloon due out in 2015. So what do we know? At this stage not a lot. Top Gear have said that it will be a four-door and it will start production early … [Read more...]


Selfie Control – Hot Selfie Pictures

Who doesn't love hot selfie pictures? OK so there are literally billions of the little blighters out there clogging up your cyber tubes but come on, the good ones can be sexy, beautiful or inspiring. It was Robert Cornelius, the 19th Century pioneer of American photography who lays claim to shooting the very first selfie in 1839. To give you a … [Read more...]