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The Art of Flirting

Has flirtation become a lost art?

Has the warp-speed net-driven neo-urbanite simply lost the age old art of flirting?

Well according to research by Jeffrey Hall of the University of Kansas he has. Hall’s research claims that just 18% of women can tell when men flirt! What’s going on guys? What happened to that inner Casanova?

When did you last lay down the County Road jacket in a muddy puddle for the lady to walk across – apparently rarely these fine days.

We are living in an era of dating sites, speed-dating and hook-up apps but really it is no excuse for ducking out of the game of games.

The Art of Flirting

Be Still, My Beating Heart

If you really want to do the right thing by the girl you admire, then this helpful list of the top 5 flirting skills may help you.

1. Show some interest.
It’s alright coming across all cool and Johnny Depp on her but you need to give her some more direct signs that you like her…without being creepy.

2. Make her laugh.
It’s well know that girls rank GSOH high on their shopping list where men are concerned. Don’t start out cracking your “Three Giraffes walk into a bar…” routine – if you remember, that didn’t go down all that well last Christmas – but do let her see that sharp witted, self deprecating side that was much admired on your recent trip to New Zealand.

3. Demonstrate an ability to listen.
Strictly speaking it is not actually necessary to listen but it would probably help if you did. What is essential is that you show willing, that you don’t talk over the top of her and most difficult of all you show interest in fashion, handbags, shoes, jewellery etc. For the record the shoes with the red soles are Christian Louboutin. Buy her a pair and she’ll love you forever.

4. Take your time.
Surely the most cherished romance would never be rushed? The satisfaction as some say is in the chase. It is certainly in the connection. And the connection comes through an accumulation of moments – the way she flicks that loose stand of hair, the knowing look when you mention that day you spent sailing up the Hawkesbury, your shared love of Film Noir – (How good is Ace in the Hole etc.)

5. Surprise her
Girls love it if you make an effort and love it if you surprise them. In a phrase, girls love the art of flirting. It’s the difference between giving her flowers you bought from the petrol station and wild flowers you picked yourself; of buying her some iTunes vouchers compared to putting together a compilation of ten songs that remind you of her – TIP: put them on a flash stick wrapped in white tissue paper and tied with a crimson ribbon.

Contrast that to today’s hook-up app society and they couldn’t be further apart. The expectation of instant gratification is a reality, whether that is for access to the sum total of the Worlds knowledge in the palm of one hand or the ability to get no strings sex in an instant through pornography or Tinder.

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