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How to book an elite female escort

There aren’t many manuals or how to’s as such to be found with regards to booking an elite female escort. It may seem difficult, or intimidating or just like a different experience that you haven’t been trained for, but don’t worry! All you need are good manners, a general idea of what you are looking for either in terms of looks or experience and a working phone or email account!

michelle elite escort How to book an elite female escort

Firstly are you looking for a stunningly beautiful elite courtesan or more of a high class escort? Are you looking for a massage or something more complete and full service? Are you searching for a specific fantasy or extra? Knowing what you want is the first step before calling an elite high class escort agency for a spectacularly beautiful model escort.
Look online! In magazines! You can find the numbers for the various escort agencies and elite call girl models for company. Know that calling on a private number means that they may not pick up – although this is usually specified on the ad or website. Make sure your number is unblocked before calling and remember that the receptionists have probably heard your requests before and not to be shy.

If you politely tell them what you are searching for, it is a great idea as it will help them guide you to the right elite model courtesan and you will have a fantastic appointment.
If this is your first time calling, let the agency know, and they will look after you and make sure they ask you the right questions so as to ensure the best choice of model escort for your evening together. If you are looking to book longer or for a social booking, let them know and they may be able to organize a special package for you :)