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Whomever said women can’t have

it all, must’ve been a man

Crown Escorts are always looking for attractive, confident, open minded and elegant young ladies to represent us to our lovely clientele. If you are 18-35, possess poise, intelligence, discreet style and an extremely warm, loving nature, we would like to hear from you and discuss your options.

Prerequisites for working with us include a drug-free lifestyle, absolute reliability, and a will to succeed and enjoy life to the full. You must also possess a warm, friendly, relaxed nature – Nobody likes a prima donna.

We are busy and offer an excellent income for lovely ladies and high class model escorts who embodythe above traits. We offer strict security for you,for all appointments, and provide full time drivers as anexample of the  many ways we work to keep you safe and enjoying a luxury experience.

You will Never be asked to do drugs, stay anywhere you don’t want to, provide any unprotected services, or have any interection with management other than verbal. We visit 4-5 star hotels and suitable, approved private homes. We are always prompt and honest with your payment.

Make the choice to excel in a genuinely professional, highly Discreet, stress free environment. We look forward to hearing from you; contact us to book a confidential interview.

No man is worth your tears, but if you find one that is,
he won’t make you cry