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Llankelly Place, Kings Cross

Llankelly Place Kings Cross – it’s about 10.30 Friday night and it’s packed with dinners, drinkers, revellers, musicians, tramps and the frankly strange.

LL Llankelly Place

LL Llankelly Place, live music, restaurant and former bordello

Kings Cross and Potts Point’s hidden gem tucked away to the left, towards the end of the main strip if you head from the Coca-Cola sign or the station, is it’s usual mix of chaos and desire, debauchery and fun, romance and catastrophe. Let’s take tonight so far – I’ve seen:

  •    a loving couple exchange a carnation one to the other with their teeth,
  •    a Fight Club style game of dare with two drunk Kiwi’s hurtling themselves against the lane way wall seeing who would give up first
  •    a Czeck accordion master really give it what for, and
  •    several dogs just help themselves

All this and a hell of a lot of people having a good time beneath the famous stardust street lights that have become a Kings Cross landmark. Since first installed in 2001, inspired by the nearby El Alamein Memorial Fountain, artist Peter McGregor’s creation has served to provide safety and glamour.

Balanced precariously between the upmarket bijou shops, bars and restaurants of Macleay Street and the complete aesthetic chaos that is the Strip, Llankelly Places has found itself a unique spot in both locals and visitors hearts as a place to get great meals, great drinks, great coffee and great idea’s for your next novel or opera.

Crown Escorts top 3 Llankelly Place must do’s

  • Panhandlebar is a small bar and eatery showcasing Australia’s best biodynamic and artisan produce. Café by day and wine bar by night. Interesting live music weekends make it a must do.
  • Room 10 is the coffee afficianado’s coffeeing hole. Many an ABC or SBS producer and presenter have squatted to the floor to sit on the bizarrely low hanging seating and spilt half their low-fat soy mocha-choca whatsits over their recycled designer ponchos from Blue Spinach. –  hard, short, lowdown and cool – this is it. Mornings til about 4
  • LL Wine & Dine – Once an illegal gambling den fronted by an adult bookshop named ‘Ecstasy’. It has also served as a swingers joint, brothel and a venue for unmentionable activities… but now it’s your very own award winning cocktail bar and modern Asian restaurant.
Llankelly mural

Giant Mural in Llankelly Place by Henry Curchod