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The Magic of Booking an Australian Escort

One question Crown Escorts have often asked is what is the most magical moment during any Australian Escort booking?

A booking is made up of so many memorable moments but which ones really stand out and which ones do we most crave? For gentlemen and escorts there are differences surely? And then of course it depends very much on whom we are with. And what is it about Australian Escorts that makes them so desired not just in Australia but around the world?

Magical moments can come at a first meeting or through the intimacy that can grow out of regularly meeting the same escort. The barriers of intimacy often breakdown only after two lovers really get to know each other both physically and emotionally. That’s not to say that the first time can’t be equally exciting. If anything, it is the most exciting time because of the venture into the unknown.

Sex and intimacy

Sex and intimacy


Can anything beat a first meeting with an Australian escort – at that moment when you open the door and the mystery of what she is truly like is resolved in your mind. At that point when the mystique is shed and the gorgeousness of the reality that lays ahead is realised – that is the magic of a booking.

The magic continues in the moment of touch, in the initial moments of intimacy. For the man it is so often in the visual, the first sight of the top of a stocking, the brush of an errant lock of hair from a cheek, the endlessly fascinating and compelling image of waist to bum ratio. For the girl it is the rush of expectation that she is giving into him completely, allowing him to take control, allowing herself to lose control.

Entering into a long, lingering and passionate embrace with an Australian escort is a magical moment. We are not just any girls in Australia. This is a nation where fitness and health are paramount in the psyche of the people. We are obsessed with sports, gyms and juices. All this means that Australian escorts tend to be that little bit fitter, that little bit better groomed, that little bit more conscious of the importance of the physical side of life. At Crown Escorts we think that’s a very good thing.

Most importantly though we think it is crucial to allow the space for things to develop naturally. Sometimes things click straight away, sometimes it just takes a little more time. One thing we can assure you at Crown is you will have an amazing time every time.

Allowing spontaneity, responding to each other’s every desire and pleasure is an experience that is hard to beat. That’s what makes hiring an Australian escort so special and so rewarding for both you and the girls. Whatever your magical moments are enjoy them, and enjoy yourself and remember always to practice safe sex and always to have fun when you enjoy the magic of booking an Australian Escort.