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6 sexy escorts tell all

Sex is adult playtime. It’s fun but it requires consideration and respect of your fellow play mates. So don’t throw the toys or get in a strop and go off and play on your own. No, you need to always be caring and sharing and thinking of others first and you are sure to have a good time.

We asked Sydney’s best escorts – the girls at Crown – what gets you going in the bedroom? Here’s some of their sexy answers:

Get your freak on

Andie - sexy Australian escortsAll sexy Australian escorts know that the bedroom is a place to let loose your inner weirdo. There’s a reason why we have the saying…Whatever turns you on…. so if it’s reciting Shakespeare while orgasming, eating mangoes when in reverse cowgirl or wearing a bowler hat and sock suspenders… just let yourself go. (P.S. I only do one of the above, make a booking to find out which one.) Andie x

Make me feel comfortable

Celine - sexy Australian escortsI think at the heart of a a good time in bed is the fear of being laughed at. There’s always a lot on your mind especially when it is the first time with a new partner. Are my breasts big enough for him? (I’m an E cup so they should be) Will I be able to keep it up? (You will with me Darling x) And how will your performance rate in the pantheon of your lovers lovers? Well none of those things matter if you relax, have a laugh and don’t take it too seriously. It’s meant to be fun. We even call it fun. Celine xx

Dirty talk

Sienna - sexy australian escortsIf you want to score high on the sexiness rankings then for me you need to master the art of dirty talk. But I’m not talking sexist, misogynistic, abusive, sweary, disgusting stuff. I’m talking seductive, passionate, sexy, intimate, and maybe a little rude, stuff. Start gently, build it up to a crescendo… you get the idea. Sienna x



Margo Louise - sexy Australian EscortsNothing, but nothing, is sexier than somebody who can tease me and get away with it. I’ll fall completely in love in an instant if you get your timing right and it’s definitely the quickest way to get me into bed. It usually goes something like tease, blush, giggle, blush a bit more, snog, grope, bed….for the record. Margo x


You’re having a laugh

Caprice - sexy australian escortsFor me, and probably lots of people, when it comes to what makes a good bed mate then humour is top of the list. It’s what starts the connection between people and I find it really seductive. if you connect with a laugh the you’re much more likely to connect between the sheets. Laugh, and the world laughs with you; weep, and you sleep alone.
Caprice x

Intelligence is sexy

Ursula - sexy Australian escortsI’ve always fallen for smart men. Great sex is physical of course but it’s also emotional and there is that magic element that you can’t quite put your finger on. Well for me, intelligent conversation, interesting insights, unique takes, original ideas….that’s what turns me on. Combine that with lashings of desire for me and a willingness to please and be pleased and we could have such a good time together. Ursula x