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The Art of Intimacy

What are the differences between sex and intimacy?

A brief look into the entomology of the word ‘intimate’ tells us the following:

In = No
Temere = Fear

So without fear Crown Escorts plunge you into the sometimes confused world of the art of intimacy and how it relates to sex, “good” sex, love and relationships.

There is an underlying confusion about sex and intimacy. Most people think intimacy is more likely to be associated with love whereas sex is more of a description for the act alone without an emotional component.

Sex and intimacy

Sex and intimacy

However we beg to differ. It’s certainly true that the girls and I have quite a wide experience in matters of love and lust and are veritable bed fellows with intimacy. So when I asked the girls to define what they thought intimacy meant they came back with the following little gems:

  1. “Intimacy is the art of touch.”
  2. “Being intimate is life’s most luxurious pleasure.”
  3. “Sex without intimacy is not worth the effort”.

So you can see from our straw poll that sex and the art of intimacy are very much linked. Sex without feeling close to your partner is just plain sex. That works for some but at the Crown Escorts level of personal service we tend in most cases to take the girlfriend experience approach. The GFE, in escort terms, is the intimate choice and the perfect solution for the busy or married man looking for fulfilment without putting a stress or burden on the rest of his life.

One might take the view that intimacy in a sexual sense is only possible with love, or alternatively that it is perfectly possible to be intimate with a complete stranger on a one night stand. We think both are the case.

It is probably true to say that the more we focus on the physicality of the act of sex, with what we wear, what we use (toys), and how we perform, the further we remove ourselves from intimacy. Though in themselves these do not preclude intimacy completely. It is more the sense of each other and the feelings of the heart that determine the extent of the intimate within a liaison.

Intimacy is art

Intimacy is art

Here at Crown Escorts we believe the art of intimacy is the connection that two people have, whether it is for a moment, when eyes meet across a crowded room, or a life time when we are in a committed relationship. Certainly the girls feedback is that with 90% of their clients they experience intimacy, and half of those it’s loving intimacy.

Here are my 5 suggestions for having radically intimate sex.

1. Silence is Golden

Sharing secrets is one of the most intimate of things do do with a lover. it’s a way of escaping reality, but we tend to hide behind our words, using conversation as a means of avoiding vulnerability. Try not telling how you feel but showing how you feel. True intimacy with a lover happens in the silent moments of presence and connectedness. Make room for a deep, energetic, non-verbal, connection.

2. Delayed Orgasm

Remembering that the goal is the journey, not the destination, should help to make sure you don’t miss the best moments along the way. And so it is with sex. Some sex experts believe women can have 11 different kinds of orgasms. Men of course are fascinated with ejaculation from an early age. But for many of us we have misunderstood the destination of sex to be the orgasm. Don’t steal from yourself some of the most powerful opportunities for pleasure and intimacy granted to those who are able to delay.

It’s a powerful bond that is created when you hold your lover on the brink of ecstasy.

3. Slow It Right Down

In a world populated by fat cars, shorting stocks and social media it is easy to allow sex to find its way onto a ‘To Do List’. A quickie is all well and good and we do not deny its place and its role but slowing sex right down can be deeply rewarding.

4. The Breathe of Life

Breathing is the most personal and fundamental of human activities – ceaseless, intimate and personal. So no surprises to find it has a place in the great Eastern traditions such as the Kama Sutra. Controlling breathe is a technique in meditation to turn the focus from thoughts to the physical. It’s a key part of Tantric sex. Breathing together is an act of cooperation and consideration for one another. Try to maintain this collaboration as the date unfolds.

5. Look into my eyes

Visual contact is a specific moment of connection in the art of intimacy. So why do so many people close their eyes during sex? Exaggerating eye contact reveals vulnerability, and so is a powerful facilitator of intimacy. Gazing into your lover’s eyes at the moment of release is perhaps the very definition of intimacy.