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Tights v Stockings – The Great Debate

There are those who swear by the suspender belt, clip and stocking but a growing army are backing the benefits and joys of tights. So what is it to be for you? Here, two anonymous gentlemen of the night take on the great debate…. Tights v Stockings


The Case for the Defence – Tights

Stockings v Tights

Image courtesy of the wonderful Wolford

In my straw poll of friends, punters and escorts, I have come to the overwhelming conclusion that tights are not only more practical and cut a better shape but are downright sexier than their old-fashioned, outdated, out-moded cousin the stocking.

Stockings bring to mind aged1950’s screen stars and cheap pornography whereas tights evoke the avant garde and European art films.

Let’s start with their form. Flappy, awkward items that half the time are neither on nor off. Stockings are constantly trying to slide down the leg like a sloughed snake skin. Granted under the fingers of a skilled striptease artist they do have a certain allure but tights have one massive advantage – they link together the leg and bottom into one seamless smooth line and shape, form and function, that enable a girl to be free with hands and spirit, confident that the whole lot is not going to end up around her ankles in a wrinkled heap like they belong on the legs of a kitchen hand from Downton Abbey.

Stockings, when pinned up to a suspender are taught and tend to bulge the upper leg in a most unattractive sausage like fashion. No these silent slithers of the night are to be avoided if a girl is to have any dignity.

Get your pins into a pair of tights, your legs will always look better, feel better and when wearing a slightly see-through pair and viewed from the rear with that seam running inline with the bum crack… frankly is there anything better.


The Case for the Defence – Stockings

Stockings v Tights

Crown Escorts very own Ursula

There is simply no argument. The deliciousness of the erotica that is embodied by stockings against the sexless practicality of tights?

Tights are what mother wears, tights are for the married life where seduction has long since left the bedroom. Tights are for trading on the black-market in a war zone. What they most certainly are not is the choice of the sexy babe. Hot girls, seductresses, ladies of the night, Miss World’s and Miranda Kerr do not wear tights to seduce.

Stockings on the other hand have it all. Little clips and ribbons, the mystery of the suspender belt, stretched and smooth silkiness, and the gap at the top of the thigh that can drive a man mad with excitement.

When a bloke gets the chance to run his hand up a girls leg towards that skirt he is already thinking in his mind that at the end of the line there is going to be the chance to slip a finger beneath the suspender, to feel the softness of some flesh and know that he is somewhere near the knickers already. But oh the disappointment when all he feels is the endless lock-out clause of tights – like some kind of medieval chastity device installed by an over protective father.

No, no, tights are not for the seductress. It’s stockings you want. The sophisticated black ones with lace tops and delicate embroidery on the belt, the white ones with all that virgin bride promise, the red slutty ones…..oh yeah!

And let us not forget the principle reason for preferring stockings to tights? There is of course no need to remove them at all.