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Archives for August 2014


The Art of Intimacy

What are the differences between sex and intimacy? A brief look into the entomology of the word 'intimate' tells us the following: In = No Temere = Fear So without fear Crown Escorts plunge you into the sometimes confused world of the art of intimacy and how it relates to sex, "good" sex, love and relationships. There is an underlying … [Read more...]


The Desire of Diamonds

What girl about town does not love a bit of bling… a few rocks, a bit of ice on the finger.  The colour, the glint, the pizzazz, the desire, the sense of occasion it brings, the sense of envy it conveys. Diamonds, nature's hardest material, are also one of it's most desired. Bling is the thing and the diamond doesn't show any signs of losing its … [Read more...]


The Art of Flirting

Has flirtation become a lost art? Has the warp-speed net-driven neo-urbanite simply lost the age old art of flirting? Well according to research by Jeffrey Hall of the University of Kansas he has. Hall's research claims that just 18% of women can tell when men flirt! What's going on guys? What happened to that inner Casanova? When did you … [Read more...]