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Archives for September 2014


What Women Want

Making sure you have the best time with an escort. Just what is that women want has baffled and befuddled men for generations. Men’s general understanding of hemlines and perfume notes, of frills and lipgloss, is extremely limited. It doesn’t have to be but it seems to be like that in most cases. Perhaps it is no bad thing. In an age where we are … [Read more...]


Llankelly Place, Kings Cross

Llankelly Place Kings Cross - it's about 10.30 Friday night and it's packed with dinners, drinkers, revellers, musicians, tramps and the frankly strange. Kings Cross and Potts Point's hidden gem tucked away to the left, towards the end of the main strip if you head from the Coca-Cola sign or the station, is it's usual mix of chaos and … [Read more...]


Tights v Stockings – The Great Debate

There are those who swear by the suspender belt, clip and stocking but a growing army are backing the benefits and joys of tights. So what is it to be for you? Here, two anonymous gentlemen of the night take on the great debate…. Tights v Stockings   The Case for the Defence - Tights In my straw poll of friends, punters and escorts, I … [Read more...]