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Crown Escorts Favourite Erotic Quotes

We asked our beautiful Crown escorts from Sydney and Melbourne to give us one line to sum up how they feel about the erotic side of life. They came back with some very naughty, but alas unpublishable, sentences. So we sent them off again and here is what they came back with.... beautiful pearls of sexy wisdom and Crown Escorts favourite erotic … [Read more...]


Hermès Birkin – The Australian Escorts Favourite Handbag

Icon of style, symbol of fashionista taste, bloody expensive bag - it has to be the one and only Hermès Birkin – the ultimate arm-candy for the show-off escort looking to impress. What do Sydney or Melbourne Escorts love on their arm apart from a handsome man? It has to be a Birkin. With its staggering starting price around $8,500, and rising … [Read more...]


8 Classic Erotic Books You Must Read Before You…

Last year we dumped 8 classic novels on the crimson silk-sheeted bed of our Madame Olivia and asked her to review them for you - so after many long nights she returned the books, somewhat dog-eared and sticky. Introducing the Crown Escorts Guide to the 8 best erotic books in no particular order.  Sappho: A New Translation The Ancient Greek lyric … [Read more...]

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5 Best Seafood Restaurants in Sydney

What girl doesn't love to be wined and dined in style? And when it comes to world class seafood restaurants Sydney stands amongst the very best cities in the world to quaff a half on the half shell or beluga up your sesame seed wafer. Gentlemen.... here is the Crown escort's guide to the very best in Sydney seafood restaurants. 1 … [Read more...]


10 Romantic Tips

TIP 1 - How often do you tell the woman you desire that she is beautiful? You are beautiful. It's the other three little words you really can't do without. Of course you need to mean it otherwise you would just be being weird. But not to say it when you are thinking it is also madness. TIP 2 - Look into her deep and meaningful eyes when she is … [Read more...]