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Archives for November 2014


The Best Clubs In Melbourne

Crown Escorts, though sophisticated, well-mannered and beautiful, are not shy of the occasional visit to the dance floor or the cocktail bar. So we ran a straw poll on which were the girls 5 favourite clubs in Melbourne and came up with this list of good time haunts. 1.THERAPY Therapy is Saturday night in Melbourne. It's crazy fun, with great … [Read more...]


Margarita – The Escorts Favourite Cocktail

The Margarita is one king of a cocktail. Here is Crown Escorts top Margarita advice. The Margarita is a favorite drink of the Mexican drug baron, the film producer and the retired hedge-fund manager. It's status as the cocktail that means you plan to take the night very seriously is unrivaled. But then when ever tequila gets involved in the … [Read more...]


The 10 Sexiest Films Ever

This month the beautiful escorts at Crown did their very own straw pole on the 10 sexiest films ever. Here's the list in no particular order of the most popular films of the girls. We had to leave out some classics and a few that were just too naughty even to mention but here is an absolute must watch list for all those who love the sexy and the … [Read more...]